Why hTime

As the old proverb goes; "Time is money". In this hyperconnected world, if you have tried scheduling meetings across multiple time zones, you know the sheer frustration you have to go through trying to figure out what time best works for every one.

Did you know... there are 38 different local times in existence?

It all starts with gathering everyone's consensus on availability. Quite often you do not have visibility into all your participant's calendars. This leads to a lot of back and forth via email or messages.

After all the annoying math around converting time zones to your local time, you then need to communicate the scheduled time back to the attendees in their local times. We know this entire process takes sometimes up to 30 minutes. Now, thats time which could be well spent doing more productive work!

We found this unacceptable and so set out to solve this challenge by rethinking time zones as well as the clock itself that we're all accustomed to. What if there was a clock that only showed us one Global Time, so that everyone saw the same time everywhere?

No more PDT, PT, CET or GMT+2/-7! Sounds crazy right?

Introducing hTime!