How to use Pick-a-slot

What is Pick-a-slot?

A more convenient way of sharing your availability through a personalized link with anyone interested in booking in a meeting with you!

How does it work?

hTime now supports public profiles!

It's this profile of yours that will contain your available slots. You will have to enable Pick-a-slot first (see next section below on how to do so) so that you can generate a personalized link to your public profile.

Your personalized link will contain your hTime handle which will look something like this:

Now simply share this link with anyone. Once the recipients receive your Pick-a-slot link and click on it, they will be taken to your public profile where they can choose a specific date as well as one of your available slots that day.

After filling in the necessary details, recipients then click “Create event and send invites” and thats it!

How to enable Pick-a-slot?

Sign up to hTime if you already haven't. Head over to your “Calendars” page.

Choose either one of the available platform options to connect your calendar of choice. Do you use more than one calendar? Connect those too so hTime is able to make even better suggestions regarding your availability. Label your most used/referenced calendar as “Primary”. This primary calendar is what hTime will use to schedule your meetings.

Once connected, head over to your profile page. Fill up your Bio. Be as creative as you want! This is what recipients will see on your public profile.

Finally enable Pick-a-slot by clicking on the slider button. This will automatically generate your personalized link as mentioned above containing your hTime handle, in the following format:

And thats it! You are all set. Feel free to add this personalized link in your email signature or your social media profile to make it a lot easier for people to book in meetings with you!

Is it free to use?

Yes! You don't need to pay anything. Nor do your recipients! They don't even need to be hTime users. But if they are, and are in different time zones, then we recommend using our Schedule feature.