Time zone calculations suck!
Schedule faster ... a lot faster.

Does this look familiar?

It takes up to 30 minutes and countless back and forth to schedule one meeting across 2+ time zones

Now with hTime It'll take you only 10 seconds

hTime is the next generation clock that eliminates time zone calculations by...

1. Taking a regular 12-hour clock
2. Changing it to display 24 hours
3. With 60 minutes and 60 seconds
4. Adding the Global time layer with letters instead of numbers
5. Making the clock adapts (rotates) itself to your location, so that...
New York
08:09 - P:09
14:09 - P:09
17:09 - P:09

No matter where you are in the world, it's the same Global time

See, it's P:09 everywhere!