Why hTime

hTime is the next generation clock that saves you time and frees you from time zones math. Why? we all have cross-time-zone meetings. With 37 different local times around the globe, calculating time zone differences over and over, especially for 2+ time-zones calls, is cumbersome. You might say: Well, we use calendars for that. True. But in cases where you don't have access to peoples' calendars, planning cross-time-zone meetings becomes a real hassle and a time-wasting activity. That happens when distributed teams work with externals, freelancers, and clients. hTime does the calculations for you, finds you the best time to meet, and more stuff to come to make scheduling much easier than anything else you know.

Do you know that scheduling a cress-time-zone meeting across 2+ time zones with no calendar visibility takes up to 25 minutes? It requires calculating time zones, intersecting them together, back-and-forth emails, and all that again if someone isn't available. hTime finds the best time to meet in less than 10 seconds, That's 150x faster!

hTime is a new clock concept that uses UTC in a new way, a UTC that rotates with you according to you location on Earth. The clock knows where you are and adjusts itself for you. This unifies the reading of time everywhere at any given moment. Thus, no time zone math is needed anymore.

If you like to know the full story of hTime,  check this 8-minute read..